The Drunken Bicycle Men Of Manteo

EP, The Drunken Bicycle Man Of Manteo, was Recorded live at The Silver Cloud Lounge, Buxton, NC by Mole and mastered at Virginia Arts Studio, Charlottesville, VA. Instrumentation on song, The Drunken Bicycle Men Of Manteo, reflects the ethnic makeup of the Malungeans. Musicians: MICHAEL MULVANEY (guitar, tambourine, camel bells, vocals), Harvey Nussbaum (trap drums), Paddy League (bodhran), Darrell Rose (African talking drum), Paul Brier (bass piccolo, chorus vocals), Patrick Healy (jewsharp, chorus vocals), Jimbo Cary (mandolin, brazil nut shakers, gun gun ma, chorus vocals), Kim Cary (maraca, kalimba, chorus vocals), Ancestors (creaks, groans, rattles).

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