Goin’ Back To Sligo

Eight songs by Michael Mulvaney, produced by Paul Brier and recorded at Jeff Scott Media Studio and Virginia Arts Studio featuring Paul Brier on keyboards, tenor and baritone saxophones, trombone, and vocals; pianist: Hod O’Brien; traps and congas tracks courtesy of William Goffigan; trombone to the extreme provided by Mark Maynard, Trumpet parts: all John D’earth; saxophones and piccollo emitted from the great Michael Elswick; and a Mid Eastern journey of jewsharps from Patrick Healy. Lori Derr and Lorie Strother sung; Bob Bowen walked into the sessions and commanded the bass and double bass to speak. Also debuting on a Michael Mulvaney recording is percussionist Len Wishart on timbales, wood blocks, cowbells and claves.

Produced by Paul Brier with Michael Mulvaney.

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