duo performances

Michael Mulvaney with

Michael Mulvaney with Patrick Healy

Michael Mulvaney with Patrick Healy Duo employs Patrick Healy on jewsharp, expanding instrumentation back to ancient influences.

Jews Harp is amidst the oldest instruments. Patrick Healy plays a collection of Jews Harp from around the world. These are: Dan Mois, Maultrommels, Murchungas, and more. These instruments represent the music of many cultures from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Healy says, “I like Jews Harp because it plays only one note. The Blues do not get much deeper than that” Humility noted, Healy’s approach includes multi-tones and timbres, and percussive sounds.

Acoustic guitar, harmonica, bodhran, and vocals are embellished with a symphony of Jews Harp.

Michael Mulvaney with Silent George

Michael Mulvaney with Silent George is a duo utilizing vocals, guitar, harmonica, and mandola. This cutout from the Apple Mountain Boys provides call and answer Blues and Obscure Retro In a stripped down version.

Audiences are accepting of this unique and laid back approach to Acoustic music.

Michael Mulvaney with Bob Bowen

Bob Bowen performs on electric and stand up acoustic bass accompanying Michael Mulvaney. Bob is an accomplished bassist performing in jazz ensembles of note and with symphony orchestras. He is difficult to schedule and It is a great blessing to add him on the occasional show. Mulvaney doesn’t mind if Bob steals the spotlight.

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